Friday, May 21, 2010

Chocolate flavored formula!

Enfamil has hit a new low, by now marketing Chocolate flavored formula for toddlers. Wow, enfamil, way to start children off healthy. Not only are you packing kids full of fake DHA that comes from fermented algea (see previous blog post) but now you are packing them full of sugar and sweets. How does giving something so sweet set a child up for healthy eating habits. I know I already have a hard enough time getting them to eat their veggies and healthy food, how is this going to get toddlers to start eating them? What would most children want? Not only that but I am so tired of hearing in their ads about the whole DHA/ARA crap. What they put into their products is not natural DHA/ARA. Is is man made, and proven to not have the benifits of the natural form. Not to mention the the neurotoxins that are used to create the artificial DHD/ARA. This also adds to another new product by enfamil for getting babies to sleep through the night. WHAT! There is a reason they have to wake up so much to eat at night and here they go trying to mess with a natural process that in the long run is going to cause more harm then good including increasing these babies risk for SIDS. It looks to me, like this company, along with many other formula companies that uses this artificial fatty acid as a marketing tool when tests have shown it does nothing compared to the natural form of it....but wait they claim to care about babies health, how again is the healthy for them....??


Anonymous said...

As long as we're avoiding sugar, best not breastfeed. Breast milk is very sweet and high in sugar. Better not let young children have it or they may develop a sweet tooth! Oh, too late, they're born with one.

Loving mom said...

The sweetness and sugar found in breast milk is not the same, altered, unpure,dangerous refined sugar that is found in formula. Should really do your research on that before making rude snarky comments.

Mattressman said...

My kids use nutramigen baby formula and I wish that they made that chocolate flavored!